¿quienes somos?, ¿porque nos fuimos? , ¿porque nos quedamos?, ¿nos iremos algún día?” November 22, 7pm. click here
With our young artists @ Abya Yala’s Art Workshops in the American Indian Community House. click here
Dancing Huaylias @ El Museo del Barrio’s Three Kings Day Parade. click here
Celebrating the Inti Raymi - Abya Yala’s Sun Festival in NYC. click here
Making art & music @ the Museum of Natural History’s Latin American Art’s Festival. click here

About us

As a community of artists, we dream of making our world a more interesting place to live in. We believe that the arts, in all its expressions, will always bring us closer together, connecting us and allowing us to get to know and love one another just a little better. As artists deeply rooted in our traditions, we know from where we are from, not quite sure of where we are going… but always creating in the process !
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NEW UPCOMING & PAST EVENTS Art & Culture are natural resources in our communities…and effective components that inspire, unity, wonder & change!!
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Abya Yala now offers fully interactive Andean-Arts Workshops, for schools, non-profits and businesses throughout the tri-state area. Our Workshops are certain to educate and entertain, be linked to higher productivity and of course, lot’s of FUN.
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NEW Abya’s Mercadito  Welcome to our NEW virtual online Store! Purchase TICKETS here and soon…be able to purchase items related to our mission! It is a great way to support the Arts & Culture of your community. Plus, our VENDEDORES (see above) will be happy to service your needs!
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Ayni – Working together

Ayni (Quechua) is a form of mutual help practiced in indigenous communities in the Andes. The definition of Ayni is embodied in our mission because we, as an organization, have been working together as a creative community to make a better future together.

As members of a community, we have been working with other organizations to establish connections to further promote, maintain and defend our traditions and culture. We also have been learning about each other’s cultures and beliefs, understanding that differences add to our learning. We love the arts that involve the community!

More About Us

¡Todavia Somos! Kachkaniraqmi !

Abya Yala Arte y Cultura presenta “Todavía Somos” obra teatral de creación colectiva basada en el poema A Nuestro Padre Creador Tupac Amaru escrita por José María Arguedas. Usando una combinación de música en vivo, teatro, poesía y danza, a través del cual los personajes se encuentran y cuentan sus historias como inmigrantes y las contradicciones que por esa razón enfrentan dia a dia.

Esta es una experiencia nueva para Abya Yala Arte y Cultura en donde por primera vez se exploran los sentimientos de sus integrantes: artistas inmigrantes, y lo hacen a través de sus propios medios artísticos, con valor y talento. “En Todavía Somos cantando, tocando, bailando, y hablando contaremos nuestras historias, que dirán lo que vivimos, pensamos y sentimos. Quizás al hacerlo podamos explicarnos a nosotros mismos estos sentimientos. Explicar la constante nostalgia e inseguridad que experimentamos al interrogarnos ¿quienes somos?, ¿porque nos fuimos? , ¿porque nos quedamos?, ¿nos iremos algún día?” Tickets: $15

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