Our workshops are designed as interactive experiences were artists share their knowledge with participants. We start with the idea that each individual is an artist and creativity is embedded in ourselves. We also acknowledge that each participant has their own experiences and skills. With that in mind we work to let the artist find his/her own creative inspiration. We have recently offered Andean Art Workshops for the Queens Museum of Art, at Make the Road New York, the Museum of Natural History and the American Indian Community House.Workshops are offered to individuals, groups, and to all ages. Please feel free to contact us for more details!



  • Learn to prepare Quinoa dishes
  • Learn to make typical Andean dishes
  • Learn about the nutritional value of Andean cuisine

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Andean Dance

Learn or improve your Andean dances from the three different regions!

  • The coast,
  • highlands
  • & jungle.
  • Gain the feeling of understanding a culture, and communicate its message through dance!

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  • Voice & Singing classes offered.
  • Learn to play Andean instruments

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Andean Visual ARTS


  • CERAMICS: learn to make ocarinas (ceramic flutes) with Andean motifs
  • PAINTING: Learn to design Andean Geometry and other subject matter
  • and crafts

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